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Energy Sector Cyber Security

We understand that cyber security for the energy sector is more than just securing the assets of an organization. This is about securing our infrastructure, which we all heavily depend upon. Contact us and see how our MasterCrafted cyber security solutions meet the unique demands of the energy sector.

Your Infrastructure Is Our Infrastructure

Our society is highly reliant on the energy sector, and Polito understands that this dependency has created cyber security challenges surrounding organizations that support and operate Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and networks associated with critical infrastructure.
Polito has the technical and operational experience in implementing countermeasures outlined in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) best practices for companies operating in the sector to defend against the next generation of threats.


Our Master Responder solution takes Emergency Incident Response to another level. Not only will we mitigate the cause of the incident, we'll perform digital forensics services, malware analysis, and threat hunting to see what other potential threats may exist on your systems.

Master Responder Cyber Security Incident Response
Master Defender Cyber Security Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Let us help defend your network and systems from unauthorized and unwanted access. Our Master Defender service include consulting to select, implement, fine-tune, and test an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

Master Class Cyber Security Training

The security of your infrastructure is only as good as the security training of your employees. Our Master Class training ranges from basic cyber security best practices for all employees to specialized cyber security training for IT and security personnel.

Don't Be Left In The Dark

Understand Your Cyber Environment

The amount of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and their level of activity, sophistication, and maturity, especially within critical infrastructure, has been an increasingly growing threat. Polito has assessed the cyber environment of several prevalent critical energy infrastructure providers within the United States and has ensured their readiness in preventing and deterring threat actors from unauthorized access to their critical assets.

Protect Your Network From Outside Threats

Our penetration testers are experts at emulating a threat agent in breaching into your critical infrastructure network and masquerading as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actor. Our team will provide a comprehensive breach report and remediation recommendations that will help prevent your breach nightmare from becoming a reality.

Enhance Response and Recovery

Polito can rapidly respond to your security incident with a multi-faceted approach to identify the root cause, eradicate malware and attackers from your network, and help get your business back up and running. Always have a team of experts at your fingertips! Our first-responders are available on an on-call basis with our Retainer option to streamline the reaction time and minimize impact as soon as a breach is suspected.


“Polito did an excellent job assisting me with open source intelligence
research (OSINT). I would recommend them without reservation.”

- Michael Smith, Veritas Law Group


Our team of experts is ready to MasterCraft your custom cyber security solution. Contact us today and experience what Masterful Cyber Security is all about.

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