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Incident Response

Our expert team of cyber security professionals take Incident Response (IR) to another level. We have the knowledge, capabilities, and experience to contain, investigate, and remediate an attack. Contact us to learn more about our Incident Response services.

If you have an emergency incident you need us to respond to right away, call us now.

We're Here For You

As cyber security incidents are bound to happen amid the proliferation of state-sponsored hacking, ransomware and other crimeware worms, and hacktivist threats, proper Incident Response is critical for understanding and containing the scope of the breach. Our skilled Incident Responders have aided government and commercial clients in managing cyber espionage and cyber crime breaches, ultimately eradicating the malware or attacker from their networks. We are tool agnostic, and will coordinate the deployment of commercial or custom Incident Response tools and techniques to manage the full Incident Response lifecycle. We identify and report the facts of the breach in layman's terms, and work with your existing IT or SOC team to implement tailored remediation recommendations to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

We maintain both an attacker and defender mindset, as we also specialize in penetration testing services. Our work as penetration testers ultimately sharpens our threat hunting capabilities as we offer real-world experience breaking into client networks (with authorization of course), including simulating targeted attacks, developing custom exploits, and leveraging common social engineering techniques. For example, on multiple occasions, our penetration testing experience facilitated rapid identification of zero-day vulnerabilities in custom web applications in support of Incident Response investigations following a breach. To catch an attacker, you have to think like an attacker.


"Polito assisted Phyleo with digital investigations, mobile forensics, divorce cases, and HR disputes. They are experts in forensics."

- Dave Abdo, Phyleo LLC


Incident Response

We Know How Hackers Think

We're experienced penetration testers who understand the attacker mindset and cyber kill chain. In multiple Incident Response engagements, that valuable experience has allowed us to quickly identify critical vulnerabilities that attackers exploited to gain unauthorized access, including cases where the initial exploit was not readily identifiable from forensic evidence or available logs.

Protect Your Network From Outside Threats

We're experts at emulating a threat agent in breaching into your critical infrastructure network and masquerading as an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actor. Our team will provide a comprehensive breach report and remediation recommendations that will help prevent your breach nightmare from becoming a reality.

Enhance Response and Recovery

Polito can rapidly respond to your security incident with a multi-faceted approach to identify the root cause, eradicate malware and attackers from your network, and help get your business back up and running. Always have a team of experts at your fingertips! Our first-responders are available on an on-call basis with our Retainer option to streamline the reaction time and minimize impact as soon as a breach is suspected.


Our team of experts is ready to MasterCraft your custom cyber security solution. Contact us today and experience what Masterful Cyber Security is all about.

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