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IDS / IPS Tuning

New vulnerabilities are discovered every day and Polito’s team of experts monitors bug tracking sites, exploit sites, and the dark web so we can be on the cutting edge of offense.

Design, Deploy & Monitor

Polito’s cyber intrusion experts are adept at detecting malicious attacks due to our extensive experience in Penetration Testing and Threat Hunting. Polito engineers know how to gain footholds into networks and to persist through backdoors.  As master aggressors, Polito can work with your security staff to develop techniques to identify signs of compromise, weed out false positives, and raise the level of effort for an attacker attempting to bypass detection.


As defenders, we take this knowledge and identify signatures so we know when these vulnerabilities are being used against us and our clients.  For our clients who are already experts in detection, Polito is their partner in validating that their signatures are effective.


"Polito assisted with numerous intellectual property disputes, to include code reviews, document theft and more.  They are professional and thorough." 

- David Peck, David Peck & Associates


Intrusion Detection & Prevention

IDS & IPS Tune Ups

Polito starts IDS and IPS tune ups with a low and slow approach and gradually ratchet up the activity.  Our initial reconnaissance could start out with a slow port scan and gradually escalate to web application scanning.  Finally we can work with internal staff by running a controlled data exfiltration exercise.  In this last scenario, we’ll develop custom executables designed to communicate back to Polito servers and run these programs on internal workstations.  Then we will work with the monitoring team to help identify data exfiltration.


Our team of experts is ready to MasterCraft your custom cyber security solution. Contact us today and experience what Masterful Cyber Security is all about.

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