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Legal Sector Cyber Security

Polito represents a new breed of professional Cyber Security services, specializing in digital forensics and defensive capabilities, with an emphasis on supporting law firms and private investigation firms as well as federal and local law enforcement agencies.

Your Partner In Justice

Polito has highly trained and experienced professionals, including certified forensic analysts and cybersecurity consultants as well as licensed private investigators and an attorney (JD) on staff, ready to support your law firm and clients. Polito customizes each engagement to fit a client’s unique objectives and budget.

We know that client confidentiality is of utmost important to law firms and their clients. Cyber criminals and state-sponsored cyber espionage teams frequently target law firms to steal intellectual property and other sensitive data, and gain entry into client networks.


Our Master Responder solution takes Emergency Incident Response to another level. Not only will we mitigate the cause of the incident, we'll perform digital forensics services, malware analysis, and threat hunting to see what other potential threats may exist on your systems.

Master Responder Cyber Security Incident Response
Master Investigator Cyber Security Forensics and Investigations

A successful cyber investigation requires a true detective that understands both how a hacker thinks and how to use a multitude of security tactics, techniques, and procedures. Our Master Investigator service includes comprehensive digital forensics, open source intelligence (OSINT), and malware analysis, if applicable.

Master Class Cyber Security Training

The security of your infrastructure is only as good as the security training of your employees. Our Master Class training ranges from basic cyber security best practices for all employees to specialized cyber security training for IT and security personnel.

Cyber Security Advocates

Digital Forensics

We acquire and analyze digital evidence that is admissible in court. We have experience with laptops, workstations, smartphones, tablets, and servers, including PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. If a device contains data, we can extract it, analyze it, and make it reportable and admissible.

Expert Witness Testimony

We provide support to help lawyers win in cases relying on digital evidence. We turn complex digital artifacts into evidence in plain English. Let us handle digital evidence in your litigation be it smartphone forensics, online research, e-discovery, code reverse engineering, and much more.

Emergency Incident Response

Cyber incidents have become all too common. Our experts at Polito deal with ransomware, security breaches, cyber attacks, and more when responding to emergency incidents. Our expertise in Penetration Testing, Threat Hunting, and Digital Forensics allow us to successfully mitigate, investigate, and reverse engineer any security issue that may arise.

Security Training

We'll provide your staff and your clients with the necessary training to help prevent information and financial loss. We can even design custom training to fit the specific needs of your firm or your client's business.

Cyber Readiness Assessment

Your firm's cyber security and IT infrastructure needs needs to be secure in order to protect your clients and yourselves from threat actors. Our Cyber Readiness Assessment will determine what your security strengths and weaknesses are and we'll recommend the necessary solutions to mitigate any vulnerabilities.


“Polito did an excellent job assisting me with open source intelligence
research (OSINT). I would recommend them without reservation.”

- Michael Smith, Veritas Law Group


Our team of experts is ready to MasterCraft your custom cyber security solution. Contact us today and experience what Masterful Cyber Security is all about.

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