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Threat Hunting

Our team of cyber defenders have proactively hunted for cyber espionage and cyber crime activity at government and commercial clients. Contact us and experience Masterful Cyber Security for yourself.

Be Proactive

Our threat hunting expertise includes building advanced correlations queries and analytics of millions of logs to pinpoint anomalous or suspicious activity, analyzing emails, packet captures, and other network data at scale, collecting and analyzing threat intelligence (going beyond vendor feeds), and deploying commercial and custom tools tailored for effective hunt methodologies at our clients. We do not rely on signatures for known malware or static indicators of compromise, and instead focus on proactively identifying adversary tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) at all relevant stages of the cyber attack kill chain in order to significantly reduce the time to detection and disrupt attacks before it is too late.


Our Threat Hunting services can also readily support and complement your other cyber security needs, including within the broader contexts of Incident Response, Threat Hunting, and Reverse Engineering.

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Threat Hunting

Attacker Meets Defender

We maintain both an attacker and defender mindset, as we also specialize in penetration testing services. Our work as penetration testers ultimately sharpens our threat hunting capabilities as we offer real-world experience breaking into client networks (with authorization of course), including simulating targeted attacks, developing custom exploits, and leveraging common social engineering techniques. To catch an attacker, you have to think like an attacker.


"The security professionals at Polito provide us with a third-party perspective on our cyber security posture.  Their years of experience in information security and cyber threat management provide me valuable, trusted resources to help manage my infrastructure."

- Larry Larsen, Director of Cyber Security, Apple FCU


Our team of experts is ready to MasterCraft your custom cyber security solution. Contact us today and experience what Masterful Cyber Security is all about.

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