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Web Application Security

Your web app deserves a truly comprehensive cyber security solution. Our MasterCrafted web app security bundle includes web app testing, source code review, web server testing, and expert consultation.

Is Your Web App Secure?

Web application security testing is a process that verifies that the information system protects the data and maintains its intended functionality. Active analysis for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities becomes especially important if the application contains credit card information or identity data, as the initial compromise may be all that the attacker needs to obtain that information. Early identification of these web application vulnerabilities and subsequently repairing them will help maintain the six basic security concepts of your data:

  • Confidentiality:  Information is only accessible to those with authorized access.

  • Integrity:  Receiver is able to determine that the information provided is unaltered and correct.

  • Authentication:  Verification of the identified user.

  • Authorization:  User should only receive the services or perform the actions for which he has permission.

  • Availability:  Information systems and services should be available any time, as needed.

  • Non-repudiation:  Ensure that a party to communication cannot deny an action that happened.


“Polito did an excellent job assisting me with open source intelligence
research (OSINT). I would recommend them without reservation.”

- Michael Smith, Veritas Law Group


Web App Security

Web App Testing

Polito’s sophisticated automated and manual web application security service will leverage real-time threat information to keep the web applications safe from the latest risks. Web applications are often vulnerable to the OWASP Top 10 common attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting which can have devastating effects. Often, when these vulnerabilities are present, data loss soon follows.

Source Code Review

Our team has experience performing manual and automated security reviews of an application’s source code. Polito brings a fresh set of eyes to the table and assumes nothing, thus facilitating deeper inspection into the inner-workings of the application’s source code. In doing so we will proactively identify and remediate any vulnerabilities and sensitive information present in the code before it is released in the publicly available application.

Web Server Testing

In addition, Polito will test the web server with which your application communicates for weaknesses related to patch management, performance, and stress & load handling. This will help pinpoint performance issues in the web server and ensure that critical information and services are available to your end-users.

Expert Consultation

Upon completion of the testing, Polito will provide a concise detailed report as well as a outbrief consultation to better help you and your team understand the findings, their associated risk levels and mitigation recommendations. 


Our team of experts is ready to MasterCraft your custom cyber security solution. Contact us today and experience what Masterful Cyber Security is all about.

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