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CISO Consulting

Polito's CISO Executive Consultants provide the expertise needed to augment or support your executive, IT, and security teams

CISO Executive Consulting Services

Polito’s CISO Consulting service provides organizations with the opportunity to work with industry veterans who can provide guidance on how to transform and modernize cybersecurity programs. Our services include:


  • Developing and/or supporting security governance, risk, and compliance programs

  • Enabling cybersecurity to support an organization's core business

  • Managing and directing cybersecurity teams

  • Incident Response management

  • Engaging with C-suite and other executive leaders

  • Scheduling and overseeing cybersecurity activities, such as regular penetration testing and compliance audits


"The security professionals at Polito provide us with a third-party perspective on our cyber security posture.  Their years of experience in information security and cyber threat management provide me valuable, trusted resources to help manage my infrastructure."

Larry Larsen, Director of Cyber Security, Apple FCU

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