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Cybersecurity Services

​Polito is a full service cybersecurity firm focused on ensuring our clients are as secure as possible

A comprehensive, real-world adversary simulation that truly tests your security technologies and personnel to ensure your organization is ready for the inevitable.

Digital Forensics services to support investigations for cyber espionage, cyber crime attacks, harassment claims, employee misconduct, IP theft, civil litigation, and potential criminal cases.

Our team does not rely on signatures for known malware or static indicators of compromise. Instead, we focus on proactively identifying adversary tools, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) at all relevant stages of the cyber kill chain.

Our expert cybersecurity consultants can perform a variety of Social Engineering campaigns, including phishing, spearphishing, whaling, SMS phishing, vishing, and pretexting.

Polito's Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) services are meticulously designed to elevate your security posture and to ensure your organization meets applicable compliance regulations and guidelines for your industry.

Our Cybersecurity Retainer service allows your business to have our team of seasoned experts at your disposal. Retainers may be utilized for our full suite of service offerings.

We use industry standard tools and proprietary methodologies to identify and validate vulnerabilities, then quantify and categorize them based on real-world risk levels, and provide mitigation and remediation recommendations.

Polito's Purple Team Assessment services provide a collaborative and synergistic approach that brings together Red and Blue Teams to enhance your cybersecurity program.

Our team of seasoned incident response experts is equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and industry best practices to tackle even the most sophisticated cybersecurity attacks.

The security of your applications relies heavily on the quality and integrity of your source code. Our code reviewers assess your source code against relevant industry standards, best practices, and compliance regulations.

Polito’s CISO Consulting service provides organizations with the opportunity to work with industry veterans who can provide guidance on how to transform and modernize cybersecurity programs.

Also known as an IT Security Audit, our Cyber Readiness Assessment incorporates a holistic review of your cybersecurity technology, policies, and procedures.

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