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Web Application Penetration Testing

Prevent data theft, business disruptions, and more with Polito's Web App Penetration Testing services

Web App Penetration Testing

Polito is highly experienced with Web App Penetration Testing services and routinely exposes vulnerabilities, identifies weaknesses, and ultimately, strengthens our client's web apps against hackers and threat actors. Our highly skilled team of expert penetration testers possesses an intricate understanding of web app architecture and related infrastructure, Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC), secure coding practices, and the latest attack vectors. Let our team uncover the vulnerabilities that may exist in your web apps before real-world hackers, insider threats, or other malicious actors do.

Polito Advantage for Web App Penetration Testing:

  1. Identification of Vulnerabilities:  Our penetration testers employ a combination of commercial and open-source tools as well as automated and manual techniques to identify vulnerabilities in your web app that could be exploited by attackers. We prioritize the vulnerabilities based on their severity and provide you with detailed reports outlining potential risks and recommended remediation measures. In the event our team discovers a critical vulnerability, we will notify your developers, IT and/or security teams immediately and provide guidance on remediation or mitigation.

  2. Mastercrafted Penetration Testing:  We tailor our testing methodologies to match your specific web application's unique requirements, industry standards, and compliance regulations, if any. Whether you have a complex e-commerce platform, a dynamic web portal, or a critical business application, we adapt our approach to provide comprehensive coverage and the highest level of security testing.

  3. Expert Testing & Analysis:  Our penetration testers are highly skilled and experienced with testing and assessing every layer of your web application's infrastructure, including frontend, backend, APIs, and databases. We employ a combination of manual testing techniques and automated tools to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and weak points that may compromise your application's security.

  4. Advanced Attack Simulations:  Our experts simulate various attack scenarios, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), privilege escalation, remote code execution, and more. By emulating the techniques employed by real-world hackers, we uncover critical vulnerabilities that could leave your web app susceptible to unauthorized access, data breaches, and other malicious activities.

  5. Data Storage and Transmission Analysis:  We examine how your web app handles sensitive data, both at rest and in transit. Our experts assess encryption practices, data leakage risks, and potential weaknesses in communication protocols to ensure that data remains secure.

  6. Source Code Analysis:  Our team has the expertise and tools necessary to perform source code analysis to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and potential exploits within your app's source code. We routinely find hard-coded passwords, potential backdoors, and other weaknesses that could compromise the security of your web app.

  7. Executive Report, Outbrief, and Support:  At the conclusion of our Web App Penetration Testing services, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings, including an executive summary, screenshots, and other supporting evidence to support out findings. Additionally, we will provide an outbrief to client stakeholders and address outstanding questions and concerns. Our team prides ourselves on our expert consultation and making recommendations based on balancing cybersecurity industry best practices and business needs.

  8. Re-Testing After Remediation & Mitigation is Complete:  Our team highly recommends, and many of our clients request, to have their web apps re-tested to ensure their remediation and/or mitigation efforts that resulted from the initial penetration test were implemented and executed successfully.

Polito is your trusted partner for all your penetration testing needs. With our Web App Penetration Testing services, you can confidently protect your sensitive data, maintain user and customer trust, and safeguard your business reputation.​

OWASP Top 10 for Web Apps

Our team aligns our Web Application Penetration Testing services with the globally renowned OWASP Top 10. The OWASP Top 10 is considered a global standard for developers and web application security. This list is a ranking of the most critical security vulnerabilities that web apps face today.

  • A01:2021 - Broken Access Control

  • A02:2021 - Cryptographic Failures

  • A03:2021 - Injection

  • A04:2021 - Insecure Design

  • A05:2021 - Security Misconfiguration

  • A06:2021 - Vulnerable and Outdated Components

  • A07:2021 - Identification and Authentication Failures

  • A08:2021 - Software and Data Integrity Failures

  • A09:2021 - Security Logging and Monitoring Failures

  • A10:2021 - Server-Side Request Forgery

NIST Framework Penetration Testing Methodology

Our team aligns our Penetration Testing services with the highly respected NIST Framework. Below is a general outline of NIST's penetration testing methodology:

  1. Planning and Reconnaissance

    • Research and gather information on the target, plan attacks

    • Verify in-scope systems and basic information, such as operating systems in use

  2. Vulnerability Identification

    • We use industry standard commercial vulnerability scanners, such as Tenable Nessus

    • Polito manually validates the vulnerabilities detected to determine if they're false positives or not applicable

  3. Vulnerability Exploitation

    • Manually validated vulnerabilities are exploited by our expert team of ethical hackers

  4. Documenting Findings

    • Our team documents our steps taken, findings, remediation/mitigation recommendations and other relevant information into a formal report

    • We also conclude our penetration testing engagments with a formal outbrief to review the final report and answer client questions

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