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Incident Response

From ransomware attacks to business email compromises and beyond, our team is here for you

Expert Incident Response Services

Polito's comprehensive Incident Response services are designed to swiftly detect, contain, and eradicate cybersecurity threats. As cybersecurity incidents are bound to happen amid the proliferation of state-sponsored hacking, ransomware and malware, and hacktivist threats, proper incident response is critical for understanding and containing the scope of the breach. Our skilled incident responders have aided government and commercial clients in managing cybersecurity espionage and cybersecurity crime breaches, ultimately eradicating the malware or attacker from their networks.


Our team of seasoned incident response experts is equipped with the latest tools, techniques, and industry best practices to tackle even the most sophisticated cybersecurity attacks. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to responding to incidents, and our rapid response capabilities are tailored to minimize the impact on your business and swiftly restore normal operations. We identify and report the facts of the breach in layman's terms, and work with your existing IT or SOC teams to implement tailored remediation recommendations to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

Polito Advantage for Incident Response:
  1. Rapid Incident Response: Once our team is notified by your IT or security team(s) that a cybersecurity incident has occurred, we will respond quickly to identify and contain the threat.

  2. Proactive Threat Hunting: Our skilled team goes beyond traditional incident response by actively hunting for hidden threats that may already exist within your network and on your systems. Using a combination of threat hunting tools coupled with our expert techniques, knowledge, and experiences, we proactively identify indicators of compromise (IOCs) and potential vulnerabilities, mitigating risks before they wreak havoc.

  3. Containment and Eradication:  Once the threat(s) are identified (malware, ransomware, unauthorized access, data exfiltration, etc.), we move to quickly isolate compromised systems, prevent the attacker(s) from progressing within the Cyber Kill Chain®, and neutralize threats to prevent further damage. Once containment has been achieved, our team will move to eradicate malicious elements and assist your IT and security team(s) with restoring the integrity of your network and systems.

  4. Digital Forensic Investigation and Analysis:  Our team of digital forensic experts uses available data to reconstruct the cybersecurity incident to provide a timeline of events, weaknesses in cybersecurity defenses, or personnel training that resulted in the incident, potentially identify threat actors, and more. Our detailed reports provide valuable insights into the attack vectors, enabling you to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses and help prevent future incidents.

  5. Post-Incident Recovery and Remediation:  Our team will guide you through the recovery process, helping your IT and security team(s) to restore affected systems, patch vulnerabilities, and implement recommended security measures. 

  6. Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvement:  Each of our Incident Response engagements conclude with a detailed report and evidence to support our findings, including lessons learned and recommendations moving forward for continuous improvement.

Incident Response Methodology

Our team follows the renowned SANS Incident Response Framework:

  1. Preparation

  2. Identification

  3. Containment

  4. Eradication

  5. Recovery

  6. Lessons learned

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