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Vulnerability Assessments

Comprehensive vulnerability discovery and vulnerability validation services

Our Approach

We use industry standard tools and proprietary methodologies to identify and validate vulnerabilities, then quantify and categorize them based on factors such as their corresponding real-world risk levels, and provide mitigation and remediation recommendations based on best practices in a concise detailed report. This approach best benefits formal vulnerability management, compliance, and routine audits.

Vulnerability assessments allow organizations to understand their security weaknesses and strengths at a fundamental level. Polito's comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment services includes both automated vulnerability scanners coupled with manual triage by our team of cybersecurity experts to provide a hybrid experience that helps reduce or eliminate false positives through thorough vulnerability validation.

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Vulnerability Assessments provide businesses and organizations with critical information regarding vulnerabilities that may exist in their IT environment. Although vulnerabilities are identified and validated, they are not exploited in a Vulnerability Assessment.



Penetration Testing goes beyond the standard Vulnerability Assessment by attempting to exploit the validated vulnerabilities to determine the likelihood and consequences of a real-world breach, business disruptions, and other threat scenarios.

Polito Advantage for Vulnerability Assessments:
  1. Network and Infrastructure Scanning:  We employ advanced scanning tools and techniques to identify open ports, misconfigurations, and potential security gaps within your external and internal network infrastructure. By utilizing both automated tools and manual techniques, we ensure a thorough evaluation of your network's security posture.

  2. Vulnerability and Patch Management:  We assist you in establishing effective patch management processes by identifying missing patches and critical updates for your systems and applications. Our team provides recommendations to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest security patches, reducing the risk of known vulnerabilities being exploited.

  3. Executive Report, Outbrief, and Support:  At the conclusion of our Vulnerabilty Assessment services, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings, including an executive summary and any evidence to support out findings. Additionally, we will provide an outbrief to client stakeholders and address outstanding questions and concerns. Our team prides ourselves on our expert consultation and making recommendations based on balancing cybersecurity industry best practices and business needs.

  4. Re-Testing After Remediation & Mitigation is Complete:  Our team highly recommends, and many of our clients request, to have certain vulnerabilities re-tested to ensure their remediation and/or mitigation efforts that resulted from the initial vulnerability assessment were implemented and executed successfully.

Polito's Vulnerability Assessment services will allow your organization to gain a clear understanding of what vulnerabilities may exist on your external and internal networks, and what can be done to remediate or mitigate them.

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