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Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment

Is your organization prepared to defend against the latest cybersecurity threats?

Are You Ready?

Cybersecurity is just one of a plethora of issues facing modern companies. In addition to running day to day operations, your organization may be challenged with defending against cyber attacks by very motivated attackers who will stop at nothing to gain access to your most sensitive information. Most companies we have worked with are medium and larger companies facing similar issues in their attempt to address the cyber security threat: complexity, heterogeneity (how better to capture non-standard/disparate environments), visibility, time, and resources. All of these factors combine to make defensive cybersecurity operations an enormously complex issue. There’s no way around it - defending a modern day corporate network takes commitment from all levels of the company. How well is your organization prepared to address these issues?

Polito’s Cyber Readiness Assessment incorporates a holistic review of your cybersecurity technology, policies, and procedures. Do your cybersecurity policies address the key issues facing modern companies? Do you have appropriate and updated perimeter defenses? Are your employees alert enough to identify phishing and other social engineering attacks? Are your endpoint detection and response capabilities adequate? Is your internal security team right-sized and able to adequately respond to attacks? Can your IT team remediate vulnerabilities before they are exploited? Our Cyber Readiness Assessment allows you to understand where your organization stands regarding these critical security questions and how to address and improve your overall cybersecurity posture so you can truly be, cyber ready.

What's Included with a
Cyber Readiness Assessment?

Generally, a Cyber Readiness Assessment includes several of our most popular services, allowing for an organization to understand their cybersecurity posture holistically. Our team of expert consultants perform detailed scoping with our clients in order to tailor Cyber Readiness Assessments to their specific environments and needs. For example, some organizations have mobile apps that must be assessed while others do not. Another common example, some organizations need security policy documents reviewed while others do not have them in place and need them developed.

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Penetration Testing
  • Networks

  • Web Apps

  • Mobile Apps

  • IoT Devices

  • Physical

Configuration Review
  • Cloud Infrastructure

  • Network Appliances

  • Security Tools

Social Engineering
  • Phishing

  • Spearphishing

  • Whaling

  • Vishing

  • Pretexting

Threat Hunting
  • Cloud & On-prem systems

  • Leverage existing SIEM and other tools

Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Review/Develop Policy Docs


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