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Source Code Assessment

Comprehensive source code assessments, including hybrid, automated, or fully manual reviews

Secure Your App's Underlying Code

The security of your applications relies heavily on the quality and integrity of your source code. Polito offers several methodologies regarding our Source Code Assessment services. Our expert team of code reviewers brings years of experience and in-depth knowledge to ensure the highest level of scrutiny and provide you with actionable insights to strengthen your code and overall security posture.

Polito Advantage for Source Code Assessments:
  1. In-Depth Code Analysis:  Our team of experts typically recommends a hybrid approach, which provides the best value for the majority of our clients. This includes using a commercial code scanner such as HCL AppScan, Veracode, Checkmarx, etc. to detect vulnerabilities and insecure coding practices. Our team then manually triages and validates the findings and performs a manual review of the code as necessary. Alternatively, our team can also perform a full manual review of the source code.

  2. Vulnerability Identification and Validation:  We understand the importance of not just identifying vulnerabilities, but validating them so we provide our clients with as many verified vulnerabilities as possible, as opposed to a list of false positives. We typically identify and validate vulnerabilities regarding hard-coded passwords, potential backdoors, input validation, authentication and access controls, encryption, error handling, and secure coding practices.

  3. Compliance and Industry Standards:  Our code reviewers assess your source code against relevant industry standards, best practices, and compliance regulations. We ensure that your code adheres to security guidelines, such as OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) recommendations, ensuring a strong foundation for secure application development.

  4. Comprehensive Reporting and Remediation Guidance:  Upon completing the source code review, we provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines identified and validated vulnerabilities, their impact, and recommendations to remediate or mitigate them.

  5. Re-Testing After Remediation & Mitigation is Complete:  Our team highly recommends, and many of our clients request, to have their code re-tested to ensure their remediation and/or mitigation efforts that resulted from the initial Source Code Assessment was implemented and executed successfully.

Polito's Source Code Assessment services will allow your organization to gain valuable insights into the security of your applications, enabling you to build a strong defense against potential threats. By addressing vulnerabilities at the code level, you minimize the risk of security breaches, protect sensitive data, and ensure the reliability and credibility of your software.

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