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Penetration Testing

How secure are your offices, data centers, warehouses, and other facilities?

Physical Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity breaches are often thought of as purely digital device and network hacking threats. However, cybersecurity also includes physical security in regards to protecting your organization's sensitive data and assets. Polito's Physical Penetration Testing services includes our skilled team of experts thoroughly assessing your physical security measures, such as door locks, bollards placement, mantraps, security guards, server fire extinguishing system, and more. We expose vulnerabilities that may exist in your physical security and provide you with actionable recommendations to strengthen your physical security and overall cybersecurity posture.

Polito Advantage for Physical Penetration Testing:
  1. Site Assessment and Reconnaissance:  We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your physical environment, including access points, entryways, perimeter security, surveillance systems, and employee awareness. Through meticulous reconnaissance, we identify potential entry points and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by unauthorized individuals.

  2. In-Person Social Engineering Assessment:  Human interaction plays a crucial role in physical security. We test the effectiveness of your employee training and cybersecurity awareness programs by attempting various social engineering techniques. This helps identify potential weaknesses in personnel handling sensitive information, visitor and guest policies, and adherence to security protocols.

  3. Physical Breach Assessment:  With explicit authorization, our employees will utilize techniques to attempt physical breaches, such as lock picking, tailgating, badge cloning, and bypassing security measures. Please note that 'Breaking and Entering' is considered a crime. Polito's personnel will only simulate these scenarios with explicit written authorization and supervision by the client and law enforcement, if applicable. Polito will not jeopardize the safety of our employees, clients, and law enforcement.

  4. Executive Report, Outbrief, and Support:  At the conclusion of our Physical Penetration Testing services, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our findings, including an executive summary, photos/videos, and other documentation to support out findings. Additionally, we will provide an executive outbrief to client stakeholders to review the report and address outstanding questions and concerns. Our team prides ourselves on our expert consultation and making recommendations based on balancing cybersecurity industry best practices and business needs.

Polito understands the importance of a holistic approach to cybersecurity, which includes securing your location(s) and assets. Our Physical Penetration Testing services provide you with invaluable insights into vulnerabilities that may exist in your physical environment, empowering you to strengthen your overall security posture.

NIST Framework Penetration Testing Methodology

Our team aligns our Network Penetration Testing services with the highly respected NIST Framework. Below is a general outline of NIST's penetration testing methodology:

  1. Planning and Reconnaissance

  2. Vulnerability Identification

  3. Vulnerability Exploitation

  4. Documenting Findings

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