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Celebrating Women in Cybersecurity

Women developers

As Women's Month comes to a close, our team at Polito would like to share resources aimed at women who are in cybersecurity or who are interested in getting into this amazing field.

These resources were compiled by women on our team who have personal first-hand experience with these organizations and understand the value and importance of these communities. It is our belief that celebrating the achievements and empowering the current and next generation of women in technical fields not only results in furthering equality and diversity, but allows humanity as a whole to reach its full potential.

Here are some amazing resources:

  1. The Diana Initiative: Empowering all those underrepresented in security (

  2. WISP (Women in Security/Privacy): Fostering inclusivity and empowerment (

  3. Wicked6: Elevating Women in cyber (

  4. Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC): Fostering Growth (

  5. Women in Cybersecurity: WiCyS: Uniting and Supporting Women (

  6. BlackGirlsHack: Empowering Black Women in Tech (

  7. Girls Who Code: Encouraging the next generation of women in tech (

  8. BBWIC: Building Forge connections and opportunities (

Let's continue to celebrate and support women in cybersecurity, creating a more diverse and inclusive future for all!


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