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Polito, Inc. at the George Mason University Cyber Security Innovation Forum

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

George Mason University Cyber Security Innovation Forum - Polito

GMU Cyber Security Innovation Forum 2019. Photo by Ronny Thammasathiti.

The following blog post was written by Ronny Thammasathiti, an intern at Polito, Inc. and a current student at George Mason University.

I had a great time attending the first George Mason University Cyber Security Innovation Forum. The event took place at the Country Club of Fairfax down on Ox Road in Virginia. Even though it was a rainy evening, a large number of attendees showed up and filled up all the seats available at the event. This event was organized and sponsored by George Mason University’s (GMU) Volgenau School of Engineering and School of Business.

Speakers at the event were CEOs and Managing Directors from companies such as, Accenture Federal Services, RunSafe Security, George Mason University, and the Sovrin Foundation. Starting us off, Ira A. (Gus) Hunt, Managing Director and Cyber Strategy Lead of Accenture, covered an interesting topic of Cyber Resilience and how there is no such thing as absolute security. He asserted that it is the job of each Cyber Security companies to have great anticipation of their threats and urge companies to turn to cloud-based operation because of its advantage of elasticity.

Heather Dahl, Executive Director of the Sovrin Foundation, gave a talk about her journey starting out in a non-tech related occupation and because of that, she has been able to think outside the box and was able to ascend to her current role. Joe Saunders, CEO and Founder of RunSafe Security, gave a presentation about his product, ‘The Alchemist’, and its capabilities of protecting your software from the inside-out by hardening the code and its control flows. Using techniques such as Basic Block Chain Randomization, which make it harder for hackers to manipulate and rearrange the stack frame. Lastly, Zaref Zahed spoke about his product, Redline, which stops and checks all of the downloaded executable file of any existence of malware ransomware such as Wannacry.

Overall, this was great event and I appreciate and thank George Mason University for the opportunity to attend. Looking forward to their next event.


Polito, Inc. offers a wide range of security consulting services including threat hunting, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, incident response, digital forensics, and more. If your business or your clients have any cyber security needs, contact our experts and experience what Masterful Cyber Security is all about.

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